Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Poet Charles Coe

A "Boston Literary Light for 2014", poet Charles Coe is the author of All Sins Forgiven: poems for my parents (Leapfrog Press, 2013) and Picnic on the Moon: Poems (Leapfrog Press, 1999). Many of his poems have been published in literary periodicals and anthologies. Recipient of a poetry fellowship from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a Fellow of St. Botolph Club of Boston, and 2016-2017 Artist-in-Residence for the City of Boston, Coe's work also has been set to music by such composers as Beth Denisch and Robert Moran ("Requiem for Edith", 2009).

Coe, co-chair of the Boston chapter of the National Writers Union, published a novella, Spin Cycles (Gemma Media), in 2014. That novella is included in Inspired Journeys: Travel Writers Searching for the Muse (The University of Wisconsin Press, 2016). 

Coe also is a jazz and popular vocalist who travels widely recording and performing his work.

Roberto Mighty's short documentary about Coe, Charles Coe: Man of Letters, follows.

Charles Coe: Man of Letters from Roberto Mighty on Vimeo.

Roberto Mighty's short Peach Pie, based on Coe's poem "Fortress", had its debut in June 2016 at the California International Shorts Festival. It also was featured at the 2016 Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

Charles Coe on FaceBook

Charles Coe, "A Son's Songs", The Boston Globe, June 16, 2013

Read Coe's poem "A Poem for Happy Endings" at Solstice magazine.

Listen to Coe read "Billy Pilgrim Reflects" on YouTube video.

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