Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday's Three on Poetry

Today, Thursday's Three features a trio of poetry titles arriving on bookshelves this month and in June.

Miss August (CavanKerry Press/University Press of New England, May 2, 2017) ~ Described as a novella of prose poems that relate the story of a transgender boy who comes of age in the early 1960s in a southern racist town, this new release by Nin Andrews is told in the voice of three characters. The issues Andrews addresses range from sexual identity to friendship and love.

✭  Debths (New Directions, June 27, 2017) ~ Susan Howe's new five-part series of poems ("Preface", "Titian Air Vent", "Tom Tit Tot", "Periscope", "Debths") is inspired by the art of Paul Thek (1933-1988), an American painter, sculptor, and installation artist; the Isabella Stewart Gardner collection, and early American writings.

Susan Howe Page at New Directions

As Does New Hampshire and Other Poems (University Press of New England/Bauhan Publishing, May 2, 2017) ~ Written to celebrate the bicentennial of her home Nelson, New Hampshire, this collection by the renowned May Sarton (1912-1995) is a reissue that pays homage to the land, people, and changing seasons of the state.

UPNE Page for As Does New Hampshire

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