Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Muse: Podcasts With Poets

If you are unfamiliar with writer and lecturer Rachel Zucker's interviews with poets and other artists, you've been missing some excellent conversations. Browse here for just a few of Zucker's podcasts at Commonplace: Conversations with Poets (and Other People). Visitors to the site can listen to the interviews and also download them.

Among the "other people" with whom Zucker has posted interviews are multimedia artist Wayne Koestenbaum, author Olena Kalytiak Davis, and writer and illustrator Andi Zeisler.

Zucker posts for each podcast a summary of the content of her interview, as well as "extra resources", which range from linked titles of the interviewee's books, to a list of links to other writers and books mentioned in each episode, to related links (e.g., essays, criticism, publishers, scholarship, other interviews found online).

Conversations with Poets on FaceBook and iTunes

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