Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday Artist: Mark Leckey

British artist Mark Leckey is multidisciplinary; his work includes installations, prints, and sculptures, as well as video, performance, and sound works. He is especially concerned with technology's effects on popular culture and is drawn to explorations of the imagination and ideas of desire and transformation.

In the Louisiana Channel interview below, Leckey, interviewed in May 2017, discusses his installation He Thrusts his Fists against the Posts but Still Insists he Sees the Ghosts, which was inspired by his arwork Dream English Kid 1964-1999 AD (2015). As Leckey explains, the installation is a kind of visual and audible memoir, replicating the ramps beneath the M53 motorway in Ellesmere Port where, as a youth in the 1970s, Leckey used to meet with friends. The installation can be seen and experienced through September 3 at the National Gallery of Denmark.

The London-based Leckey is a recipient of the Turner Prize (2008).

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Charlotte Higgins, "How Mark Leckey Became the Artist of the YouTube Generation", The Guardian, March 26, 2015

MoMA PS1 presented "Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers", October 23, 2016 - March 5, 2017, the first comprehensive U.S. survey of the artist and the largest exhibition of his work at the time.

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