Saturday, September 19, 2009

It Only Takes Four Words

And speaking of . . .

Patti Digh, author of life is a verb and one of the most creative talents around, really knows how to use four-letter, oops, four little words, and now she's put together her very own collection, "Four Word Self Help". Read her advice here:

This contender for Best Little Pocket-Book Guides has more than a dozen categories - from Social Media, to Diversity, to Travel, to You Yourself, to Other Stuff - into which Patti sorts her guides while parsing the meaning of the phrase "short and sweet."

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to add my own four-cents' worth, here are a few of my Four Words (for) Self Help:

My guide to understanding Art in America - Just Make It Up

My guide to buying a Salvador Dali - Buyer Beware Beware Beware

My guide to enjoying foreign-language films - Just Read Their Lips


My guide for students using Cliff Notes - Think You Can? Not!

My guide to completing reading assignments - Start Hitting the Books

My guide to surviving your teen's heavy metal phase - Just. Turn. It. Off.

My guide to writing in iambic pentameter - Gotta Keep the Beat

I'll add to these categories periodically. Now, get creative! And share your own Fab Four.

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