Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On Any Given Day: A Fragment (Poem)

A wonderful group of poets I recently met online jam on Twitter and share on their blogs their creative, witty, and very often moving words. One member of the group, Kelly Langner Sauer, shares with me a "call home" feeling about Virginia, where I was born and live. And, like the rest of the group, she writes beautifully and from the heart, with intelligence and experience as guides.

A few days ago, I took some time to read as many as I could of Kelly's archived posts to her blog, "This Restless Heart".  Single words or phrases caught my attention, and I wrote them down. Then, I looked back at my jottings and saw a poem, perhaps nothing more than a fragment, on the page.

Here's what I saw:

On Any Given Day: A Fragment
for Kelly

On any given day
I remember the lovely gray
the color I am wearing
this pre-dawn hour:

a dream of my own
God has timed out
just for me.

Notes: Read these words or lines in their original contexts on This Restless Heart blog as follows:
Lines 1 and 3, "This Is Us: Life at Our House" (September 18)
Line 2, "Rain-Play" (September 21)
Line 4, "A Morning Ramble" (September 19)
Line 5, "Baby Rememberies" (September 20)
Lines 6 and 7, "A Sister Party" (September 22)

Our Random Acts of Poetry prompt for this Friday was to discover what can come from a few inspired words of another writer. I offer this poetic fragment, as well as my poem that found its genesis in Glynn Young's piece, "Sunday Morning Rain", on his Faith, Fiction, Friends blog.


Kelly Langner Sauer said...

Wow, Maureen - thank you so much for the tribute. I expected a simple link-back.

Humbled by your kindness, surprised at your "applause." Thank you for the encouragement!

L.L. Barkat said...

Just taking in the day. Yes, that's all...