Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tweet Me a Twoem II

As my esteemed Twitter colleagues have posted to their blogs some of their contributions to last night's online poetry fest, I think it's only right I come clean and reveal some of my own. To wit:

one golden thread
she began to pull
releasing sounds carried to the stars


nights too long gone
she stalks words
giving comfort where marauding moons play


so light in space
leaves business man
aching for that touch that says,
I'm here,
night lifts her gown


to find --
horrors --
the tiny hoof
that began this all


pray tell
who might receive
tender comings and goings below
the marble monument to nonsense


fawning fauns
do make for Dancing with the Stars
a most surreal experience


DeLay, not!
such is glaze on wood
faun's foot sticks
like Vampiress's lingering drops


his points be taken well
or not
I dare refrain from saying
what I really think of this


sadly, Liberace caught his sleeve
on angel's rubbed-raw wing
and music then did end
throughout this space


and Vampiress made a killing
selling bright orange vests
on back of which she quoted teacher
"I'm no target
for alien abduction"

Twas fun was had by all.


Kelly Sauer said...

Ooooh! I only came for the last ten minutes, but yours were some of my favorites! It takes a little to get the hang of it, doesn't it?

Maureen said...

This was my first time on Twitter and my first-ever participation in a poetry jam. I was on my computer, and just after registering with Twitter did something that required me to get a new pw to get back online. Perhaps that was the omen for the evening. I have to say, I never expected prompts from "Tabloid Headlines" and when I say Glynn's first post, "Space alien babies" (I think that was it), my mind froze. Then I just jumped in. Now I have to get a copy of that book.

L.L. Barkat said...

Yes, it was a challenge for me too. Usually I write romantic or poignant stuff. But it's always good to be stretched.

Again, glad you were there.