Thursday, September 24, 2009

Garden I - Lost and Found (Poem)

The following is one of three "Garden" poems that, like "Michael's Melody", began as prose and were then reworked into poems. In revising, I removed words needed for prose but not poetry, and substituted a few nouns or adjectives that better described the meaning I wanted to convey. I have never met the person to whom this poem and Garden II and Garden III are dedicated but I can say that he has graced our online cancer support group with openness and intelligence and darn good practical advice. Note: We in the support group use the garden metaphor for remembrance, for healing, to create a "place" for respite and contemplation.

Garden I

Lost and Found

for Ned L.

Push through.

See that what
lasts mere days
lasts for time beyond
what we imagine
or wish for ourselves.

Push on.

Take your break there
where flowers

Sit among the
never to flower,
among the ribbons
of color already faded,
biding time to stream.


Follow the path
to the labyrinth,
walk it head down,
let your tears stain
both beginnings and ends.

Look up.

The sky perhaps will be black,
perhaps blue.
Maybe the sun
won't be shining;
maybe it will.

Maybe you’ll run
through the notion
of this or that moment
not counted on.

Release your thanks
for her presence
in your life.

Let them trail.
Let them collect.

Clouds have filled to bursting.

your spirit claims
what time remains.

Copyright 2009 Maureen E. Doallas
All Rights Reserved.


Glynn said...

I read this and I feel hope.

L.L. Barkat said...

Maureen. (It seems right just to say that to start.) Maureen...

this I loved...

"Sit among the
never to flower,
among the ribbons"

and your spirit too.

Joelle said...

Somehow the idea of releasing thanks catches me. I see a bird leaving an open hand or a penny dropping into a wishing well. Sometimes gratitude does come as a letting go, I think. The whole poem is deeply moving....