Monday, August 30, 2010

Learning to Communicate (Poem)

Learning to Communicate

Go ahead,

Trace that line
of thought

between your first point
and your next

and be prepared
to scrimmage.

I know you know

down the line
somebody's always ready

to draw a line
to hold a line

to bring you
into line.

That's not my line.

So drop it!
Don't take that line

with me.
For once

put yourself on the line
and stand

where I stand:
on no line

not in the line of duty.

I know you know
you have to

get out
of line

to cross a line
to see

how a line
can curve

can cut in
then go out again

even before
too fine

a line gets made.

Yes, we all have
to take a turn

getting back
in line

with what's expected.

But first
give me

any line you want;
spin it out

and reel it back.
You're sure to line up

with the best of 'em
so long as you vow

to keep the line open.

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this poem for Carry on Tuesday, which each week provides a prompt that participants are to use wholly or partly in an original poem or prose piece.

The prompt for Tuesday, August 31, comes from the first words of the famous Frank and Nancy Sinatra song Something Stupid (1967): "I know I stand in line . . . ."

To read other Carry on Tuesday contributors' poems or prose for Prompt #69, go here.


Anne Lang Bundy said...

I like this very much. And might I ask ...

spare me drawing a line in the sand
for once drawn I must hold it
until it or I are given to God's breath

Anonymous said...

this one is really fun to read.

Anonymous said...

had such a good time reading this and imagining the various things that go on here !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Profound, yet highly amusing - you have a way with words!

Louise Gallagher said...

What a line!

What fun!

Claudia said...

oh wow - never seen such an accumulation of lines…clever!

mine is here

Judith C Evans said...

What a fun poem! I enjoyed every line. :)

rebecca said...

very clever! i liked this!

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

Hi Maureen-- I like that your saucy side shows in this-- brava! x J

TALON said...

This was fun and very sharp - should I call them crisp lines? :)

Brian Miller said...

this was a very fun read...i like the allusion to the scrimmage because it provided a nice visual as i read the rest of it and yes communication is like that...nice one shot!

signed...bkm said...

yes many clever lines...bkm

Desert Rose said...

witty..clever..and entertaining,enjoying it very much..great one shot! :)

moondustwriter said...

Way to tow the line

and thanks for sharing with One Shot Wednesday Poetry

Moon smiles

KB said...

Enjoyed the fun in this one.

My poem is here.

ninotaziz said...

hhmmmm, these lines
I had a great time!


ninotaziz said...

Loved your lines. You have a way with words

Of course, silly me - you have been doing this for 30 years and going on strong.

rob kistner said...

I enjoyed the interplay of 'line' in this piece Maureen -- remarkable the varied perspectives of a simple 'four-letter' word, and the depth they can bring to a poem...


Marshy said...

some excellent lines LOL...a great piece..cheers pete

Bubba said...

Okay, I'll just sit here and toe the line... LOL!

I like the recurring line lines!

Beachanny said...

This poem was the shortest distance between two points and I traveled its gauntlet and was whacked by the many meanings of that one word...quite the line. Thanks for that.

Jonahh said...

Brilliant line-up, words walking a tightrope, and in the end - there is no line. Of course not...

I love the lightness, I hear the more serious undertone, a joy to read down to the last line. And then again.

gautami tripathy said...

I could see the seriousness in this.

curling and uncurling

Bill Cook said...

A fine line. I enjoyed the way you spun around the topic. Nice write. - Bill

Glynn said...

This one may be one of my favorites of yours, Maureen, and that's saying something.

Wild Rose said...

Beautiful poem Maureen and a very lovely blog.

A. Jay Adler said...

You know what The Arab says in Saroyan's The Time of Your Life:

No foundation...

all the way down the line.