Monday, August 16, 2010

Naming It (Poem)

Naming It

Love at first sight
it was

like the romance

Of rain
in my hands

in afternoon light

Taking sides
in a room

with loss

Three words
drifting back

In the quiet
so fought

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas. All Rights Reserved.

I wrote this poem for Carry on Tuesday, which each week provides a prompt that participants are to use wholly or partly in an original poem or prose piece.

The prompt for Tuesday, August 17, comes from the first sentence of chapter 1 of Joseph Heller's 1961 best-selling novel Catch-22: It was love at first sight

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S. Etole said...

Your writing beckons ... always.

Glynn said...

I love the images here -- the rain, the room, just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

the scent of pink carnations always remind me of loss.

RiikaInfinityy said...

beautiful scenery with sadness filled in somehow :D Thank for sharing^^

Claudia said...

Maureen - this is beautiful! I enjoyed the rhythm of it - very special!

Just Me said...

Beautiful poem. I liked the flow and your style.

Sandra Heska King said...

Savoring this. Yummy.

gautami tripathy said...

Mushy..sweet love..

lost in our own world

Jenne' R. Andrews said...

Hi Maureen-- this is beautiful-- the rain in the hands lines especially appeal to me-- something rare and elusive and "naming it" which to me is to say what something truly is, a love within a hard-won silence...? I love the deceptive simplicity of each stanza and how each contains something of deep import and the impact of the last line...brava! xj

Maureen said...

A thank you to everyone who has read and commented. The encouragement is much appreciated. ~ M

Anonymous said...

I like everything about this: the short-short stanzas and lines, the title, the way you use the imagery you do. Thank you.

keiths ramblings said...

I love the lilting way your poem reads. Simply beautiful. Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday

K said...

like the romance

Of rain
in my hands"

This is my favorite part. Paints such a vivid picture in my mind

Ami Mattison said...

I'm loving this poem, Maureen! The impact of each compact line is intense! And the opening is especially compelling: "Love at first sight/it was//not." The "not" resounds so strongly and exemplifies how a poem can turn on a single word. Thanks so much for sharing!