Sunday, August 22, 2010

No Easy Solace (Poem)

No Easy Solace

No easy solace

by treasure
both moth and rust consume.

The heart contused,
it gives no solace

to memory once blacked
and blued.

its light from star or moon

as from a spider's womb

a tincture of time

a spring rain warmed.

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas

This poem is for a Random Acts of Poetry feature, "Solace is a Wave, or a Cricket",  at The High Calling Blogs. The prompt is "solace".

Anyone may participate by writing a brief poem that uses the word (or just the concept) and leaving your link in any of L.L. Barkat's comment boxes at Seedlings in Stone by Wednesday, August 25.

A source of inspiration for this poem is Matthew 6:19-21.


Glynn said...

I love the images -- from Matthew, the spider's "crocheting," the "tincture of time."

Hannah Stephenson said...

"blacked and blued" is so beautiful!

Kathleen said...

Very nice. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

Maureen- I appreciate the way you approached this: "No easy solace"; rather than assuming we all are easing into it. Finding solace isn't easy all the time.

Love the first lines in this.

L.L. Barkat said...

I liked the tincture of time.

That is such a cool word. :) Tincture, tincture, tincture.

Desert Rose said...

i like this one..thank you for sharing with one shot :)) tincture it :)

TALON said...

as from a spider's womb" - stunning imagery

I feel the hope seeping from this poem. It's beautiful.

moondustwriter said...

There is solace just not in the things man thinks are valuable.
Very nice piece Maureen

thanks for sharing at One Shot

moon smiles

Brian Miller said...

beautiful imagery....expecially like the crocheted like a spiders web...solace is just has to look at times...thanks for linking up to oneshot!

dustus said...

I find a balance between wonderful imagery, allusions, and overall message of hope to find solace in this piece— which cannot be easy given the context of black & blue memories... yet possible. thanks for sharing your poem. Enjoyed it very much.

Bubba said...

Truly a LOVEly poem!

Beachanny said...

In the last stage of grief, solace and acceptance. Even grief rusts and is consumed..all to dust and in the dust is peace. Your poem is eloquent, multi-layered, and absolute. Thank you.

PattiKen said...

Very nice. I especially liked the lines " memory once blacked
and blued."

Bill Cook said...

Rich and suggestive images. Keeps the mind opening. Thank you for this. - Bill

Anonymous said...

Lovely imagery, and very well chosen words...
This was a beautiful (albeit full of pain) and heartfelt poem...

Marshy said...

there are so many lovely lines to chose from...a tincture of time tops of for me though..thanks for sharing with one shot..cheers pete

SimplyDarlene said...

It is not easy, this finding of solace. Harder yet is keeping it intact within those wounded heart walls.

Such a visually beautiful piece of writing.