Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Poetry embedded with links, reclaimed objects, a monument-ous archaelogical find, animation as book trailer, and a tweet-inspired visualization of "the nation's pulse"  are yours to enjoy in today's edition of Saturday Sharing.

✭ In these "dog days" of August, going virtual has its advantages. If it's too hot and humid where you are, go here and take a virtual poetry tour. Thanks to the Poetry Foundation, you don't have to leave the air conditioning behind when you visit Washington, D.C., or Chicago this way.

✭ After one of those poetry tours, you might want to relax at the easel. Go here and create your own new Mondrian. All it takes is a little deft clicking on of squares and voila. . . a masterpiece of geometric abstraction!

✭ Objects reclaimed from old markets in Europe are given new life when they fall in the hands of designer Leslie Oschmann. Oschmann's latest bespoke inspirations turn rescued paintings into stunning tote bags.  Go here to view how Oschmann uses cast-offs in inventive new ways.

✭ At the new Web-based poetry journal Spiral Orb you'll find a poem that is composed of fragments from work published in the journal's "Spiral Orb One" issue. The poem serves as a table of contents, and each line is embedded with a hyperlink to its original poem. Clicking on a line of text takes you to the poem that is itself hyperlinked. The inventive approach called "permaculture poetics" is described by editor Eric Magrane as "an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertexuality. . . Anticipate the poems making contact with one another in an odd and perfect manner." A new issue, "Spiral Orb Two", is to appear in October. The submission period for that is open until September 1. The journal accepts work by both established and new poets. Submission details are here.

✭ In what is billed as "the most exciting find" in 50 years, archaeologists have uncovered a second henge — this one a circular ceremonial ditch surrounding a smaller circle — at Stonehenge. Here's a BBC story on the unearthed monument.

✭ This is to bring you a smile: the charming trailer for the book Get Ahead Fred by Daisy Dawes. For an interview with the modelmaker, author, and illustrator, go here.

✭ The "pulse of the nation" via Twitter has now been captured in a visualization, thanks to researchers from Harvard and Northeastern universities. The time-lapse video below reveals the changes in "Twitter mood expressions" over a day in the United States.


Louise Gallagher said...

Um, so it seems to me that Florida and then California are the most happy states? That is very cool imagery -- looks like a butterfly at times.

Love the About Fred clip -- very sweet.

And now, I'm off to write my blog too!

Hugs -- have a wonderful Saturday.


Anonymous said...

talk about carrying around old the totes.

twirling in circles about
the henge.

and fred makes me want to
wear a hat.

Nicelle C. Davis said...

Great Post :)