Friday, December 3, 2010

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

Dunlap Paints Barns

Washington, D.C.-area artist Bill Dunlap has taken to painting barns. As muralist for the "Poetic Aesthetic in Rural Maryland" project organized by the University of Maryland Art Gallery, College Park, Dunlap is giving buildings in Maryland's vast expanse of farmland a few jolts of vivid color. His first barn mural, measuring 10 feet high and 43 feet long, looks like this:

William Dunlap, Lost, Barn Mural, 10 ' x 43 ', Text by David Wagoner
Somewhere in Rural Maryland 

In addition to Dunlap's imaginative, playful, brightly colored creatures, the mural, completed in October, sports a poem, "Lost", by David Wagoner. Go here to see additional photos of the mural. The barn is owned by The Art of Fire, a collective of glass blowers who create everything from Christmas ornaments to perfume bottles to necklaces to stemware, vases, and bowls.

In 2011, Dunlap plans to put his brush against the sides of five more barns in the Maryland countryside. 

Bill Dunlap on FaceBook and Twitter

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ Paintings by contemporary artist Erik Sommer are showing at Rooster Gallery, in New York City, until January 2, 2011. Images from the show, "Red Balloon (I Wish I Was A), are here. The abstract mixed media on canvas evoke the rough beauty of a deteriorating urban scene.  

✭ The "Abstract Expressionist New York" show at the Museum of Modern Art, on view until April 25, 2011, is drawn entirely from the museum's collection and includes not only paintings and sculpture but prints, drawings, photographs, and archival materials. Spread over three floors of the museum, the single-theme exhibition provides an historical overview of the movement and and looks at specific and distinct facets of AB EX. A dedicated interactive site for the show gives online access to selected featured works and educational content, a free iPad app that permits browsing of the artworks chronologically or by artist, lists of lectures and related events, and the Shop AB EX, featuring exhibition-related products, including the show catalogue and framed prints. Use the site's interactive, audio-enhanced map of the city to learn where the AB EX artists studied, where they lived and worked, and where they exhibited their art. 

In the video below, the show's curator introduces the exhibition. Go here to select from 19 other exhibition-related videos, among them features on individual artists including Barnet Newman, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko, as well as painting techniques and "art terms in action".

MoMA on FaceBookTwitter, and Foursquare

Abstract Expressionism on Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History

✭ Locally, the Fisher Gallery of Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria, Virginia, is showing "Colorado Winter", a series of large-format silver gelatin prints in black and white  by Arlingtonian Andrew Zimmermann, through December 19. Zimmerman discusses here the equipment he uses.

✭ In Washington, D.C., the Mexican Cultural Institute has mounted "Weaving Diversity. Textiles from Oaxaca", on display through February 26, 2011. All of the textiles in the exhibition are from the Textile Museum of Oaxaca and are for sale, with proceeds to be directed to sustainable development projects for the design, production, and marketing of textiles to benefit Oaxaca's indigenous communities

Huipil, Indigenous Attire, Oaxaca Textile Museum

Cain Shulte Contemporary Art, San Francisco, is presenting "Magna Carta - Art/Paper", a group exhibition of charcoal pen-and-ink drawings, oils, and sculpture by artists who work with and on paper. All of the conceptual work is thematically related to the 13th Century Magna Carta, and explores such contemporary subjects as individual liberties, protection of personal freedom, illegal immigration, and unlawful imprisonment. Among the show's international artists are Tor Archer, Matteo Bergamasco, Mark Fox, Diane Jacobs,  Ruven Kuperman, Will Marino, Susanne Ring, and Chuck Webster

Images of work in the exhibition may be viewed here.

The show remains on view in San Francisco until January 18. It travels to Cain Shulte Berlin in March 2011.  

New Film and Book Site

Film buffs and readers now have another online resource: word & film from publishing giant Random House. In addition to trailers of films in theatres, on television, or forthcoming, the site offers a range of interviews, including videotaped Q&As with documentary filmmakers and novelists whose books have been or are being adapted for film. Other features accessible through the site range from reading groups, author events news, and blogs and podcasts to an online store for purchases of bestsellers, children's books, signed editions, and personalized books.

word & film on FaceBookTwitter, and YouTube

What Artists Do in the Name of Art

A New York University assistant professor of art, Wafaa Bilal, otherwise known as NYU's "First Professor Cyborg", has acquired a second pair of eyes, so to speak, with the implanting of a camera in the back of his head for an exhibit in Qatar. This Wall Street Journal article tells you most of what you need to know about the professor's participation in the project called "The 3rd I". According to this brief from The New York Times, Bilal issued a statement on November 22, indicating that the camera, which will take pictures at one-minute intervals, is in place.

Wafaa Bilal Website 

New York University Profile

Shoot an Iraqi: Art, Life and Resistance on Amazon

The Interactive Art of Wafaa Bilal from sam alcoff on Vimeo.

A video interview with Bilal is here.

An ABC technology feature on Bilal is here.


M.L. Gallagher said...

Ok. so in the name of art he's put a foreign object in his eye?

My mother told me never to do that!

Love the barn murals. Very cool.

Kathleen Overby said...

"...what is missing is the dialogue-without it we will always think of each other as the other."

Profound. I almost became dizzy. Tattoos hurt much.
I had to go back and look at the happy barns for dessert. :)

S. Etole said...

There are a lot of barns in this area that could use a good face lift!

Anonymous said...

i would like a barn.