Sunday, December 19, 2010

Maidenhead (Poem)

Claudio Mufarrege, The Arrow Shot, Photomanipulation
© Claudio Mufarrege
Courtesy of One Stop Poetry, Used With Permission


Daughter of Zeus, born the sixth day,
your mother's own midwife, Apollo's twin,

many-named and worshipped high,
you: goddess of contradiction,

curer and swift sudden death giver both,
your marks the x and arrow on the wall do plead.

Hunt you not forests and hills
but shadows loosed in hell's own corners:

the one claimed by Actaeon, torn to shreds,
another Callisto's own,

and children of Niobe, one by one, their blood
you might bleach from your saffron robe.

Orion too, beloved, his death you caused
to be amended in the sky, and Agamemnon,

his mistake, his kill your wrath incurred, and
the wind from his sails you took, his ship becalmed.

Untamed, unseen by human eyes, chaste enticer
you: what of your chariot of gold abandoned,

your quiver once filled by Cyclopes spent,
your bow no more but the shape

of the waxing moon, whose sacrifices great
do you command now,

your arms back, fingers pointing to the past,
eyes heavenward, maiden no longer on the prow?

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this poem for One Shoot Sunday at One Stop Poetry, which today features an interview with and selected work of Argentinean photographer Claudio Mufarrege, editor of the Imag-e-ination Daily, plus a Picture Prompt Challenge based on the image above.

Anyone may participate in the challenge. Go here to read the interesting interview with Mufarrege and to learn what to do to accept the challenge. Be sure to leave there the link to your contribution.

Claudio Mufarrege on Flickr

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Anonymous said...

Love the Classics references in this poem. Makes perfect sense, read it through twice, and I can see where you've drawn the imigary from.
Strong stuff.

Thanks for sharing



signed...bkm said...

lovely Maureen, she is a classic figure reminding one of a maidenhead on a ship, or fine auto...she transforms time...wonderful tribute to a godess..bkm

Claudia said...

love how you take this to greek mythology - excellent write maureen

dustus said...

Very well stated, succinct poetic retelling of many mythological connections.... Helped clear up my thoughts about myths mentioned. Thinking of Artemis in light of the photograph—the ending of looking up yet pointing toward the past seems to me a conflict between mind/body. Great question posed in the final couplet. Enjoyably thought-provoking poem from beginning to end.

hedgewitch said...

The virgin Huntress, jealous of her presence, unforgiving, and yet the light in the night, helper of women, and healer. You've penned the contradictions well in this piece that makes the arrow point division in the photo, and in the goddess, cruel, cutting and very clear.

moondustwriter said...

The mythology works so well - she seems a victim or design of the gods

Nicely done Maureen

Glynn said...

It's cool how you used Greek mythology to intepret the photo, or do you have the photo interpreting Greek mythology? Well done, Maureen.

Gigi Ann said...

Not knowing much about mythology, I will have to agree with moondustwriters comment. Well thought out and nicely done.

Anonymous said...

you are so good at this!

Beachanny said...

Love how you merged the Artemis and figurehead into one; really love the subtext through the title -- deeper more original that its sources. Wonderful as usual! Gay

Unknown said...

Maureen this was too excellent!

Hannah Stephenson said...

All hail the goddess of contradiction! Lovely poem.