Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This edition of Saturday Sharing ranges far and wide, and literally into outer space.

✭ You are in for a special treat if you've never visited the United States Geological Survey's image galleries, including Earth as Art, Earth as Art 2, Earth as Art 3. Below is just one of the stunning satellite images you'll find there.

Colima Volcano, Mexico
USGS EROS Image Gallery, Earth as Art2

✭ A unparalleled social change learning resource, the Washington, D.C.-based Provisions Learning Project (known also as Provisions Library) uses the arts to showcase alternative perspectives on contemporary issues and to serve as catalysts for change. Founded in 2001 by Gaylord Neely, president of Gaea Foundation, the research, education, and social development center features innovative on-site and virtual exhibitions, publications, screenings, workshops, and educational programs to promote the values of peace, social justice, sustainability, and respect for all life. Its special collections library consists of more than 6,000 volumes. "Meridians" — continually updated guides to social change topics covered in the library —  provide introductory content hyperlinked to books, art, interviews, organizations, Websites, films, and academic programs through which to conduct deeper research. Among the more than 30 topics covered by the Meridians are arts and social change, gender and identity, public health, radical education, and restorative justice. 

Provisions Library on FaceBook and Twitter

New Website (Preview)

Gaea Foundation on Twitter

✭ Contemporary Iranian literature is made available in multiple languages and media via the nonprofit Translation Project. The organization includes both a literary center (translation services, workshops and conferences, translation "slams", lectures, poetry festivals, book readings, etc.) and a production company, with the latter responsible for creating or producing theatre, multimedia presentations, and DVDs of short films. Immediately below is a video for Midnight Approaches, which presents a brief history of Persian poetry. The DVD contains the Introduction and six films based on contemporary Iranian poetry.

Brief biographies of Iranian poets are found here; translations of examples of the writers' poetry are also provided.

Translation Project on FaceBook 

✭ One of the more interesting online magazines I've come across recently is The Pop-Up City, by Amsterdam-based Golfstromen, a design firm. Be sure to check the site's Library for a selection of interesting books related to topics about contemporary urban life covered in the magazine. 

The Pop-Up City on FaceBook

✭ Educational strategies, lesson plans, and resources to inform, involve, and inspire students to take responsibility for their world are available at Facing History and Ourselves. Partnering with school systems, universities, and ministries of education worldwide, Facing History's educators, adjunct faculty, international fellows, and staff facilitate seminars and workshops, produce community events, and maintain extensive online resource collections on topics such as bigotry and racism, civil rights, genocide, the Holocaust, immigration, social injustice, tolerance, and civic responsibility and social action. 

Facing History and Ourselves on FaceBook

✭ At Linebreak, you'll find text and audio recordings of published poets' work,  as well as occasional interviews. The online magazine, launched in 2008, is updated every Tuesday. Each poem is archived. Podcast feeds are offered via subscription or through iTunes


Louise Gallagher said...

It is amazing to watch the video on Iranian literature and writers to discover -- how much I'm missing by not knowing more about it!

Thanks so much for sharing all of these Maureen -- as always, you are the gem.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Happy weekend to you, Maureen! Thanks for this Saturday series.

Sandra Heska King said...

Very cool!

A. Jay Adler said...

Facing History and Ourselves is a very fine teaching resource. I'll draw on it.

Laura said...

Thank you, Maureen. I shared the Earth as Art photos with Teddy and we marveled together.