Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anticipation (Poem)


The hour has come. Make your motion
     to strike flint against tinder. Spell

the ambered flames of winterberry-warmed
     candles. Truss blue-spruced limbs

with a child's expectation. Be-ribbon the sticks
     of Saigon cinnamon, the aromatic gift

of anointment in the space surrounding. Inhale.
     Hold. Expire, and draw near. Watchfully

await the extravagant gesture of Gabriel, herald
     of the greatest show on earth. Bow your head

low, incline to accept the red-bowed wreaths
     of ruah. Feel the rush in each lung, searing

inside, the way sunlight burns the moon's face
     pale into the blue of another new day. Admit

your eyes within the clearing sky above. Anticipate
     the pinpoint pillar of flickering light soon

to dazzle the heavenly home and rise bright as monks'
     sweet voices, their chant of Veni, veni, Emanuel

trailing the midnight visit to the parish stall.
     Breathe in spiritus. Fill yourself with ruah.

The breath unseen in silence keep. Holy announce
     it. Ever after in wonder gladly sing.

© 2010 Maureen E. Doallas

I offer this poem for One Stop Poetry's weekly One Shot Wednesday event. Be sure to visit the site late Tuesday afternoon and evening and every Wednesday for links to the many contributors' "one shot" poems.


Louise Gallagher said...


I am entranced and in awe.

The imagery resonates. I can feel it, sense it, smell it.


Glynn said...

Lovely, Maureen. I feel I'm becomign oen with the Advent season.

Amy Sorrells said...

Wow, Maureen. Breathtaking!!!!!

S. Etole said...

The breath of God is felt ...

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love your site and your poetry and other elements. http://joycespoetry.blogspot.com

moondustwriter said...

Love the pagentry sense but also the personal that is right alongside for a beautiful advent experience

Thanks for the One Shot


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written, crafted, realized. Thanks for sharing this!

dustus said...

"The breath unseen in silence keep" Great line in an inspiring poem; expressing spiritual awareness in revealing tone. Great title too. Another great One Shot! Cheers

signed...bkm said...

Like angels announcing the season is upon us Maureen, that is how I read this...let the celebration begin - a glorious write...thank you...bkm

Brock S. Henning said...

Maureen, I can smell it and breathe it. I was elevated reading this. Nicely done, and I love your form!

Deidra said...

This makes me breathe deeply and exhale long.
The ruah...yes.

Anonymous said...

Maureen, as always, your poem is moving and breathtakingly beautiful. Love and Light, Sender

Kathleen Overby said...

Majesty sensed.

kaykuala said...

It's such a good take. Leaves a wonderful feeling. Great!

Laura said...

Last night my youngest played in his first Christmas concert at his school. Sitting in the cafeteria with all those other parents, I felt the Christmas season rush in with gasping tenderness. This poem is such perfect timing for me this morning, Maureen.


Laura said...


Jenne' R. Andrews said...

Hi Maureen-- as ever, this poem is so clear and painstaking-- love Gabriel's extravagant gesture-- this is surely the season of extravagant gestures of all kinds. xxxj

Bubba said...

A beautiful capture of winter and Christman together. I like how the trailing lines waltz us down to the next ones.

Wonderful particulars too! (winterberry-warmed candles, Saigon cinnamon, red-bowed wreaths, etc.)

A dandy seasonal One Shot, Maureen!

Claudia said...

ah - can you hear me breathe...? beautiful maureen

...loved the winterberry-warmed candles...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Maureen. Like your words (and their juxtaposition, of course..)

Warmest Salad

Luke @ WordSalad

Emmanuel Ibok said...



One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers and Artists said...

I have read several beautiful advent poems
Love yours with the sense of waiting, holding one's breath for the coming of Emmanuel.

thanks for all your support Maureen

hugs from the Moon

Hannah Stephenson said...

Wonderful and modern carol.

Steve Isaak said...

Fun play of spirit and flow.

Jerry said...

the sun buning the face of the moon...like it. Such well chosen rare words to make me think more. Thanks for stirring the tanks of advent. I sure would like to hear the monks chant.