Friday, December 23, 2011

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ Devoted to promoting "awesomeness", the worldwide network known as The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences distributes monthly, no-strings-attached cash grants of $1,000 to projects and their creators. To date, projects in the arts, technology, social welfare, and other areas have received these "microgrants" from self-organized chapters formed around topics of interest of geographic areas. Check the FAQs to learn more about the organization and then submit your application.

The Awesome Foundation Blog (The blog includes a variety of posts on projects that have received grants.)

The Awesome Foundation on FaceBook and Twitter

Of related interest: Al Kratina, "Grants Make City a Better Place", The Gazette, November 5, 2011

✦ Now a New York City resident, Swedish-born paper sculptor Ivar Theorin is one of a half-dozen artists privileged to participate in the Museum of Arts and Design's program Open Studios: Artists at Work Daily. Theorin takes his inspiration from history, current events, and observations of daily life, using animal forms — fashioned from brown paper, canvas, metal wire, wood, plastic, clay, concrete, and, more recently laptop, video projection, or other technology — to explore the paradoxes of human behavior. Take a few minutes to browse images of his thought-provoking work and if you're in New York City, stop by his studio at the museum.

Ivar Theorin, Indentured Transcendence, 2009
Paper Over Armature, Wood, and Steel
© Ivar Theorin

✦ A book, Jim Denevan: Lake Baikal, and DVD, Art Hard, is now available about land artist Jim Denevan's journey to Lake Baikal, in southwestern Siberia, where Denevan aimed to create the world's largest work of art on a frozen surface (a spiral of circles, along a Fibonacci curve, that grow from 18 inches to several miles in diameter). Short videos of work-in-progress and still photos of the environmental art can be seen at the ANTHROPOLOGiST. Here is one video showing the work on its completion in 2010. It's stunning!

Take some time at Denevan's site to view his land art in sand and earth. I think it rivals Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty", which I love. Denevan also is the founder and organizer of a worldwide moveable feast, "Outstanding in the Field".

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ In Reno, the Nevada Museum of Art is showing through January 15 "The Altered Landscape: Photographs of a Changing Environment". Marking the museum's celebration of its 80th anniversary, the show draws from the museum's own The Altered Landscape Photography Collection, which was founded in the 1990s and numbers more than 900 images. Among the extraordinary photographers whose work is included are Robert Adams, Edward Burtynsky, David Maisel, and Fandra Chang. A book of the same title, co-published with Rizzoli, accompanies the exhibition.

David Maisel, Terminal Mirage 13 (Ed. 4/5), 2003 (Printed 2007)
Dye Coupler Print, 48" x 48"
Collection Nevada Museum of Art
The Altered Landscape, Carol Franc Buck Collection

Nevada Museum of Art on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

✭ Diverse work by 21 emerging and established Korean artists is featured in "Korean Eye: Energy and Matter" at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City. On view through February 19, the exhibition showcases photography, video, painting, and mixed media by, among other artistsJi Yong Ho, Kim Hyun Soo, Choi TaeHoon, Jang Seung Hyo, Inbai Kim, Koh Myung Keun, Joon Kim, Lee Dong Wook, Shin Meekyoung, Ayoung Kim, Lee Jae-Hyo (also go here), and Park Seung Mo. Selected images of these artists may be seen here. A catalogue, featuring work by 75 contemporary Korean artists and including their biographies and artist statements, accompanies the exhibition.

The exhibition, for which a Website has been created, will travel in 2012 to Abu Dhabi and London.

Image Above at Right: Lee Jae-Hyo, 0121-1110=111038, 2011, Chestnut Wood, 91-1/2" x 47-1/4" x 47-1/4"; © Lee Jae-Hyo

Here's a short exhibition-related video:

MAD Museum on FaceBookTwitter, and YouTube

MAD Blog

✭ In Minneapolis, a group show of prints, "Highpoint Editions—Decade One", is showing at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts through June 10. The featured artists include Carlos Amorales, Rob Fischer, Julie Mehretu, Clarence Morgan, Lisa Nankivil, and Jessica Rankin, all of whom have published prints with the internationally known Highpoint Center for Printmaking.

Here's a brief exhibition-related video:

✭ The New Mexico Museum of Art has extended to January 8 its exhibition "New Native Photography", which features 25 photographs by 19 artists from federally recognized United States and Canadian tribes, nations, first nations, and pueblos. Among the artists included are John FeodorovRichard Ray Whitman, and Tiffiney Yazzie

New Mexico Museum of Art on FaceBook and Twitter

Cypher Space - The Museum of Art Blog



Louise Gallagher said...

Those circles are amazing! I love how the helicopter shadow slips out of sight as the viewpoint gets higher and higher. How inspiring!


Ruth said...

The environmental art is incredible. And I love the concept of "no strings" anything, gifts and grants. Just wonderful.

Thank you for your unending flow of no strings giving through the year, Maureen. I appreciate you so very much.

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

circles and swirls art
i especially like the sand art

S. Etole said...

This makes me wish Minneapolis wasn't quite so far away!

Joyce Wycoff said...

I'm dumbfounded by the ice art ... how does he do that and delighted by the print makers ... such painstaking care.

Thank you once again for the journey into art.