Friday, December 16, 2011

Interview with Novelist Glynn Young

Anyone who has read Glynn Young's blog posts at Faith, Fiction, Friends knows that he writes often and that what he writes is always worth reading. Not only does he write for a living; he writes any time he has free time, and what he writes, besides blog posts, includes poetry and reviews of books in many genres. In addition, Glynn contributes to both The Master's Artist and The High Calling, guest posts around the blogosphere, and reviews poetry and edits results of Twitter poetry jams for TweetSpeakPoetry. Most recently, Glynn wrote and published his first novel, Dancing Priest (Dunrobin), which is available in paperback and also in e-versions for Kindle and Nook. The book has been getting great buzz. Word-of-mouth is that it's a hit!

I was asked and was delighted to accept the opportunity to interview Glynn about his writing life and how it has brought him from journalism in college, to speechwriting during his career, to poetry- and novel-writing. You'll find my interview today at The High Calling. A more in-depth look at the writing and publishing of Dancing Priest is scheduled to appear at TweetSpeakPoetry. You'll find Part 1, "Writing the Priest", here.

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