Friday, July 6, 2012

All Art Friday

All Art Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

Yumiko Matsui has recreated the City of Tokyo using only colored paper and water-based glue. Extraordinary! (Matsui was featured at inhabitat in May; article link.) On her Website, Matsui says she has been making paper sculptures in miniature since 2006.

✦ Looking for hard-to-find art history publications, rare books, and related literature? Try the Getty Research Portal.

Michael Marmor, professor of ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine, continues his fascinating research into eye diseases and conditions experienced by such artists as Monet, Degas, and Seurat. Recently, London's Tate Modern published in its Tate Etc. magazine "Michael F.Marmor on Edvard Munch's Eyesight", in which Marmor writes about the possible effects on Munch's art of the intraocular hemorrhage in the artist's right eye. Marmor is co-author (with James G. Ravin) of The Artist's Eyes: Vision and the History of Art (Abrams, 2009). The Tate's "Edvard Munch: The Modern Eye" opened June 28 and is on view through October 14.

Edvard Munch
The Artist with a Skull: Optical Illusion from the Eye Disease, 1930
Watercolor and Pencil on Paper, 65 cm x 50.2 cm
Munch Museum

Also of interest: "Edvard Munch Exhibition to Explore Artist's Fears of Losing His Sight", The Guardian, June 1, 2012.

Jonathan Callan creates marvelous sculptures from books; his works on paper and mixed media are compelling, too. Images here and here.

✦ In this video, street artist Ramiro Gomez talks about his efforts to increase awareness about immigrant laborers (especially gardeners and housekeepers) in Beverly Hills. "I would like to give a person pause as to who it is I painted or who it is I am representing in a cardboard cutout. . . [and] to create a conversation starter and, hopefully, bring more recognition where recognition definitely is deserved."


Ramiro Gomez on Twitter

Esmerald Bermudez, "Artist Pays Homage to L.A.'s Unseen Workers", Los Angeles Times, June 4, 2012

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ At New York City's International Center of Photography you'll find "President in Petticoats: Civil War Propaganda Photographs", on view through September 2. The exhibition includes more than 40 examples of photography as used in political propaganda targeted at Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. The work is part of a collection donated to ICP by Charles Schwartz, who amassed, in addition to photographs, lithographs, newspapers, and illustrated sheet music relating to Davis.

ICP on FaceBook and Twitter

✭ The gallery at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts in Washington, D.C., has mounted "Messages from Outsiderdom: Visionary Artists Reveal Their Untamed Realities". On view through August 18, the exhibition showcases work by nationally recognized visionary artists, including Brian Dowdall, Bob Benson, Darien Reece, T.S. Young, J.J. Cromer, Lawrence Amos, Jesus Montes, Charlie Lucas, Jane Pettit, Lee Wheeler, and Matt Sesow. On July 14, Benson will lead two workshops that will teach participants how to make "flashies", decorations comprising mirrors and marbles. 

Smith Center on FaceBook and Twitter

Outsider Artists at Visionary Art Museum

Also of interest: "Histoires de Voir: Show and Tell", Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris, through October 21. ArtInfo article and images. YouTube video preview.

✭ A retrospective of the work of Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein can be seen at the Art Institute of Chicago until September 3. Visit the Website and blog dedicated to the exhibition, which features more than 160 drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Included on the Website is a "slider" that lets you "see inside" the artist's creative process and a "swatch out" feature. A catalogue accompanies the show.

Here's a preview with the late artist's wife:

Art Institute of Chicago on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

✭ A show of work by Japanese ceramists continues through August 3 at Joan B. Mirviss in New York City. The exhibition, "The French Connection: Five Japanese Women Ceramists and Their Passion for France", features work by Futamura Yoshimi, Nagasawa Setsuko, Katsumata Chieko, Ogawa Machiko, and Sakurai Yasuko. This is must-see work by leading classically trained ceramists whose style and technique were influenced and developed during their studies in France. Images are available here and at artist links. Also see Exhibition Brochure.

Katsumata Chieko
Biomorphic Sculpture in Shape of French Akoda Pumpkin, 2012
Stoneware With Black and Red Glazes
14-1/8" x 16-1/8" x 17-3/4"

In conjunction with the show, Mirviss is presenting "Guided by the Brush", paintings and lithographs by renowned calligrapher Shinoda Toko (b. 1913), whose work hangs in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Images are available at the link.

Joan B. Mirviss Ltd. on FaceBook

Ren Brown Collection of Work by Shioda Toko

Shinoda Toko Prints at The Tolman Collection


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