Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Amy Sillman: Paint Meets Word

The ArtForum, an arts magazine to which I subscribe, recently spotlighted the first solo exhibition in Paris of New York City-based artist Amy Sillman. Included in the Castillo/Corrales exhibition is Sillman's video Draft of a Voice-Over for Split-Screen Video Loop (2012).

The video, which can be viewed here on Sillman's Website, comprises some 2,000 iPad drawings and animations by Sillman and a voice-over of a poem by Lisa Robertson; the text is spoken by the artist. The evocative, six-minute looping video is a fascinating artistic collaboration, giving Robertson's words a simultaneously visual and aural representation. Sillman has said that painting is "a physical thinking process to continue an interior dialogue"; she brings that concept to realization in this project and others with poets.

On the same Website page you'll find Pinky's Rule (2011), a seven-minute video collaboration with poet Charles Bernstein that Sillman made on an iPhone. The video also can be seen on BOMB Magazine. Sillman, who made several thousand images for the video, reads Bernstein's poem.


Amy Sillman at Crown Point Press, Museum of Modern ArtSaatchi Gallery, Sikkema Jenkins Co., and Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects; Interview at The Brooklyn Rail; Feature at Paris Review (2010); Feature at Hyperallergic (2012)

Color Walk by Amy Sillman

Charles Bernstein at Academy of American PoetsJacket2, and PennSound


Hannah Stephenson said...

I like Lisa favorite book of hers is The Weather:

I love these kinds of collaboration!

Peggy Rosenthal said...

I followed your link to "Draft of a Voice-Over for Split-Screen Video Loop" As you say, this is an amazing creative work; I was mesmerized. Thanks as always for your researches in finding new artists for us.

Louise Gallagher said...

I too was mesmerized by both videos -- seriously, you can do that on an iPhone too? who knew? wow!

"when girls were flowers this wasn't true" so poignant. so sad. so true.