Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

Take some time to chill with today's edition of Saturday Sharing. Start at the top or skip around; just don't tell me there's nothing here to interest you.

✦ The online magazine Urban Ghosts is all about abandoned and forgotten places, "hidden" history, and "alternative" travel. Urban explorers will find plenty to hold their attention.

Urban Ghosts on FaceBook

✦ If you have children who enjoy making art, treat them to a low-cost membership with The Imagination Factory, where they'll also learn about recycling and reusing solid waste materials. 

✦ Mike Urban's "The Cretaceous Garden" will take you back a few million years.

✦ In addition to presenting Poems of the Week, the poetry blog THEthe includes a Poetry Comics section curated by poet and artist Bianca Stone. You can follow Stone's own blog here.

THEthe on FaceBook and Twitter

✦ If stats are your thing or you're looking to bolster your arguments with facts, visit Gapminder, which offers an unparalleled body of data. The Website has a section for teachers, in addition to videos and data visualizations. Hans Rosling is co-founder of Gapminder Foundation, a nonprofit in Stockholm, Sweden, whose aim is to replace myths with facts and to "show major global development trends with animated statistics."

Gapminder Blog

Gapminder on FaceBook, Twitter, and Vimeo

Gapcasts on iTunes (Free)

Hans Rosing on Twitter

New York Neon blog is dedicated to documenting old neon signs. The collection is to be issued in  Thomas E. Rinaldi's book of the same title later this year by W.W. Norton. Also see Rinaldi's New York Neon Website, which features images of more than 400 signs Rinaldi has been documenting since 2006; the images are grouped categorically.

✦ May this  video of "Rain of Poems Over London" and this eyewitness account leave you smiling:

Rain of Poems over London / Bombardeo de poemas sobre Londres from Casagrande on Vimeo.

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