Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hear the Words You Wear

Yesterday I came across an article about "poetry-reading dresses". Part of the Lace Sensor collection by designers Anja Hertenberger and Meg Grant, the clothing "speaks" its embedded prerecorded poems when triggered by a touch. 

Read the article and watch the video below to understand the technology behind the creations, which debuted this month in Vienna, Austria, at the TechnoSensual Exhibition

Lace Sensor Project Blog

Museum de Kantfabriek (Lace Factory Museum)

Be sure to visit the designers' Websites and blog to learn more about Lace Sensor (in-process photos are provided) and to view other interesting projects, including "TK 730", which involves the use of a manual knitting machine.

My thanks to Harriet Poetry blog for the article link.


Deborah Batterman said...

There really is something about the ways in which different artistic disciplines speak to each other. Somehow the intricacy of embroidery seems a perfect match for poetry. Great link.

Hannah Stephenson said...

The most interesting part of this, to me, is how an action triggers the sound (and what the action suggests).