Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

With today's new edition of Saturday Sharing, you might have to relearn your ABCs but you also get to read James Joyce's Ulysses as comic narrative and to conclude your browsing with the chainsaw sounds of the lyrebird.

✦ Art designer and "visual creator" Gustaf Lord's new typeface, "The Rational Alphabet", combines every two letters into one, thereby halving our alphabet into just 13 letters. The phrase at the end of the post illustrating the new design could not be more apt. Lord's wicker book cover is another bit of oddity.

✦ James Joyce's Ulysses has been adapted as a Web-based comic narrative by illustrator Robert Berry. Berry's drawings from his "Ulysses 'Seen'" are on exhibit through December at Ireland's James Joyce Centre. (My thanks to Ron Silliman for the link.) More about "Seen" here.

Robert Berry Blog

Dubliners Audio-Walking Tour

✦ Here's a list of literary Tumblrs (and it's annotated!) that will keep you busy browsing. For those who missed compiler Nick Moran's first go-round, go here.

✦ The group Incredible Edible demonstrates the power of a community to ensure its own well-being by taking responsibility for planting and growing healthful local edibles in public spaces.

✦ Maria Popova curates the wonderful Brain Pickings. Her most recent "side project" is Literary Jukebox, which pairs a daily quote from a favorite book with a thematically appropriate song. 

✦ The ground-dwelling Australian lyrebird is a mimic of the highest order. Just listen to the sounds this bird performs:

(My thanks to 3quarksdaily for the link.)


Anonymous said...

I think the alphabet is good looking, and quite funny.

Anonymous said...

that lyre way man! makes me wonder which sound is his own.