Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Sharing (My Finds Are Yours)

This week's edition of Saturday Sharing time-travels with Google's World Wonders Project, visits 21st Century Abe, makes note of an Authors for Libraries site, checks out a collection of Library Quotes, marvels at the more than 130,000 free reviews at Booklist Online, and listens intently as Jorge Luis Borges lectures on the riddle of poetry, the metaphor, telling the tale, and more.

✦ Google's World Wonders Project will have you time-traveling — no admission tickets required —  from Stonehenge to Pompeii to Cape Evans in Antarctica. Explore by location or theme, such as archaeological sitespalaces and castles, and places of worship. The site includes guides on history and geography for teachers at primary and secondary schools and is available in six languages.

✦ While not new, 21st Century Abe will delight fans of Abraham Lincoln. Don't miss Maira Kalman's "Finding Lincoln" in the Project Artists section.

✦ Use the Authors for Libraries site to find your favorite writers and their titles online. The site is a project of ALTAFF (Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations) and aims to connect authors with libraries (to schedule talks and readings, for example) and keep them informed about library-related issues. For more information, go here. ALTAFF also maintains an Authors & Libraries Listserv. Also of interest is the American Library Association's ilovelibraries.

✦ The searchable Library Quotes is a collection of quotes about libraries, reading, books, literacy, and all things literacy-related. The quotes are collected from activists and benefactors, historical figures, media, politicians, entertainment and sports figures, and the library community.

Booklist Online, the American Library Association's book-review magazine, offers more than 135,000 reviews dating to 1992; all are free. Be sure to check out its Book Group Buzz blog and the Great Reads page. Booklist associate editor Donna Seaman hosts the hour-long Open Books Radio from Chicago.

UbuWeb, one of my favorite sites, offers in their entirety Jorge Luis Borges's "The Craft of Verse: The Norton Lectures, 1967-68". These six lectures are not to be missed.

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