Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thirsting and Once In Need (Poem)

Who's the Boss?
Photo Credit: © Steven Elliott
Courtesy of Abbey of the Arts

Thirsting and In Need

Twitter your criticisms loud
as you like; others will shout

you down for bad manners.
Some might look away, a few

even turn their backs, not sure
their voices matter. Count on

the quiet ones to make the move
first, prepare the slippery slope

for your first-time landing. Where
room enough can be made, they'll

stand out by example, call for
the rest of us to see just how much

like you we are our own brothers
and sisters, thirsting and once in need.

© 2012 Maureen E. Doallas

Today's poem responds to the 61st Invitation to Poetry — Hospitality at Abbey of the Arts. (I've revised the ending since first posting it at the Abbey.) Christine Valters Paintner selected the theme and photo prompt and invites you to submit your own poem to the party. Poems or links shared or submitted before October 19 are eligible for a random drawing for a space in Christine's upcoming online retreat "Honoring Saints and Ancestors: Peering Through the Veil", a contemplative art retreat.

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Anonymous said...

love it.

Laura said...

Maureen, that photo of the Cedar Waxwings is perfect. Like we are our own brothers and sisters. That resonated deeply. Lovely.