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All Art Friday

All Art  Friday

All Art Friday Spotlights

✦ At Art21 you'll find the video series 100 Artists, comprising new and archival content made available weekly throughout 2013. Among the fine artists featured are Richard Serra, Sarah Sze, Roni Horn, William Kentridge, Louise Bourgeois, Shahzia Sikander, Susan Rothenberg, Carrie Mae Weems, Kara Walker, Ida Appelbroog, Alfredo Jaar, and Laurie Anderson.

✦ Artist Lisa Congdon is collaborating with Maria Popova at brain pickings to produce The Reconstructionists, which they describe as "a yearlong celebration of remarkable women across art, science, and literature,  both famous and esoteric, who have changed the way we define ourselves as a culture and live our lives as individuals of any gender." I love what they're doing! Check in every Monday to read a new feature.

✦ Browsing the images of work by painter Robert Spellman will delight. Spellman's most recent (2012) exhibition was at Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado; it's a stunning collection of work. (One of Spellman's paintings from Apiary is on the cover of Naropa Magazine, which also includes information about the exhibition and a portfolio of his paintings.)

✦ A mosaic mural by Valerie Theberge has been installed at Smith Center's Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery in Washington, D.C. Theberge is among the artists in the Smith Center's Art Advisory portfolio. Images of some of Theberge's mosaics are here and here.

Valerie Theberge on FaceBook

Arts & the Mind, comprising the segments "Creativity" (56:22 minutes; see video below) and six other chapters, including "The Art of Connection" (55:34 minutes), is a PBS documentary about the role of the arts in human development. The series premiered this past September. 

Watch Creativity on PBS. See more from Arts & The Mind.

Exhibitions Here and There

✭ The exhibition "Backstories: The Other Side of Art" at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, Massachusetts, covers five centuries of art, including paintings, works on paper, sculpture, silver, and porcelain by such artists as Albrecht Durer, John Constable, and Vincent van Gogh. Open through April 21, the exhibition aims to show the public the "hidden sides" of artworks, including special inscriptions or other features normally not seen.

Clark Art Institute on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

The Clark Blog, The Clark Now

✭ In Atlanta, High Museum of Art examines the evolution and production of Georgia designer Gogo Ferguson, in particular, the natural environment as inspiration for form and materials. Ferguson creates homewares (for example, fabrics) and wearable art inspired by flora and fauna, from the bones of animals, to shells, to lichen, to seaweed washed up on the shores of Georgia's barrier islands. (She lives and works on the southernmost Cumberland Island.) Her jewelry includes natural bone bracelets and earrings (she uses, for example, gar, rattlesnake vertebrae and ribs, raccoon bone, and shark vertebrae). The installation "Gogo: Nature Transformed", showcasing designs made especially for the show (a wall sculpture inspired by seaweed) as well as work loaned by Ferguson's celebrity clientele, continues through July 7. This is the first museum exhibition of Ferguson's work.

Here's a brief (8:24-minute) introductory video to Janet "Gogo" Ferguson:

High Museum on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube

Gogo Jewelry on FaceBook

✭ A selection of 31 wonderful, primarily abstract, prints by Gabor Peterdi (1915-2001) are on view at Indianapolis Museum of Art through October 13. The featured work, which shows off Peterdi's mastery of intaglio techniques, is from the museum's permanent collection.

Peterdi Profile and Images at International Print Dealers Association (One of the dealers listed here is Washington, D.C.-based Jane Haslem Gallery. It is at Haslem's gallery that I first saw Peterdi's work and the prints of other marvelous artists.)

✭ The Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, Massachusetts, continues through the end of the month "Jill Slosburg-Ackerman - In Rome: The Pine Grove. And. Natura naturans; natura naturata", a mixed media installation of a drawing project begun by Slosburg-Ackerman while she was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome in 2009. Inspired initially by observations of Roman pine cones and other natural forms and patterned stoned floors in medieval Roman churches, the work comprises hundreds of elements, from drawings and photographs, to paintings, sculptures, video, furniture, and hand-carved frames, that the artist has grouped into visual "episodes". Installation views are here.

Cate McQuaid, "Seeds of Imagination on Display in Worcester", The Boston Globe, November 13, 2012

Worcester Art Museum on FaceBook and Twitter

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