Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Motioning Desire (Poem)

Motioning Desire

A line in long array runs
our course, disruptive,
joining, collecting other lines,

middle of palm to wrist, and I imagine

the sinuous plotting, the calm
of the hand so precisely placed
to be held, longing listing

there, like a whisper refusing to

echo, and I imagine how a simple turning
up, reaching out, can keep our fingers
rushing the motioning desire.

© 2013 Maureen E. Doallas

The phrase "A line in long array" is from Walt Whitman's "Cavalry Crossing a Ford".


Kathleen said...

Reading the poem is like reading a palm!

Brian Miller said...

nice...really cool flow in this maureen...it is that last stanza that does it for me...the reaching up and out...best motions a hand can have you know....

Semaphore said...

That is exactly what came to me as I read the poem! ...The lines on the palm branching and re-branching, as the hand is held open and reaching towards another open hand. Such a vivid image.

mrs mediocrity said...

A whisper refusing to echo... Love that, and the opening up at the end, really lovely.

emmett wheatfall said...

The metaphoric and analogous nature of this poem is gorgeous. I love how you connected the concrete with the abstract here. Another example of your fine talent I read over and over again.