Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fulfilling Work (Poem)

Fulfilling Work

Wash fresh kale, some spinach,
letting the water run

in its cold stream through
fingers, straining, the way words

risk a trip through your mind
with the mantra you repeat

every morning to hold yourself
together. Regard the pulp

you pull from blood oranges,
the green tails of carrots

you discard, the tough fibrous
shell you have to remove

before sliding your knife
the length of the leek wrapped

inside. Know the plausibility
of ending the task you've begun.

Be intentional when you add
flash-frozen organic blueberries

and watch the purple of each
tiny pebble blend, your thumb

on the button, still pulsing.
Regard now the bits of apple

you chop: how on a good day
there's plenty for pairing

with cheese and a wine, how
on a bad your hand slips

into its rhythm, fulfilling work
you, not content, make more.

© 2013 Maureen E. Doallas


humbird said...

Maureen, very tasty and thoughtful poem. I enjoyed reading! Thanks

Brian Miller said...

interesting...i like the adding of the blueberry...and the apple...and good and bad days come....its often in what we do in them...

Jeff said...

It is an apt testament for knowing the joy of the moment, being aware and fully immersed in it.

Were you able to compose this while keeping your appetite at bay?


Anonymous said...

And we should approah all our tasks thus...nice.

Margaret said...

All this attention to a meal... I hope it was shared. Otherwise, this has a sad ring to it, somehow. ...

emmett wheatfall said...

I enjoyed reading this poem, Maureen. The contrasting themes beautifully laid out. The introspection that occurs while preparing one the most precious commodities know to mankind--food. I always enjoy your work my friend. All the best to you.

Laura said...

I love the way your poems make images in my mind of my own life--my own mornings, the choices I must make each day. This is beautiful, Maureen.