Thursday, April 4, 2013

Roger Feldman's 'EKKO: Return'

The metaphorical connection between what's going on outside
the piece and what's going on inside the piece, I think relates to
what's going on, what we perceive the world around us is saying
to us and what we're hearing on the inside. . . .

There's an ancient Chinese proverb that says I hear, I forget, I see,
I remember, I do, I understand. . .  And that is probably the premise
of all my work for the past 30 years. . . that I'm interested in 
experiential metaphor. . . 

I would rather have the viewer move into the piece, 
be part of the process, experience [it] with all the senses. . .
People have to think for  themselves, understand for themselves 
what this is about, and make sense of it.
~ Artist Roger Feldman

In December 2011, I presented the first of what was to become a two-part documentary about artist Roger Feldman's creation of EKKO commissioned for Scotland's Freswick Castle, built on the foundations of a 12th Century Viking settlement. (Read my post "Roger Feldman's Art of Kinesthetic Experience" and watch Part 1.) Feldman completed his stonework installation at Freswick in 2012, thus allowing the completion of the documentary by Toby Watts (Far North Film). His installation is beautifully sited and deeply evocative, its spiral design recalling the hand of the wind as it sweeps across the land, the curve of the waves breaking off the coast; its hewn stones stand as a reminder of what perseveres and lasts. 

Here is the second and final part of the documentary, Ekko: Return:

ekko: Return from Far North Film on Vimeo.

Feldman is a professor of art at Seattle Pacific University. (His faculty profile is here.)

The documentary also is available at the Far North Film Website.

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