Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Timeout (Poem)


You and I, we were always
too un-supporting, limbs careering,

threatening to break, failing to
hold, easily bared of our camouflaging

bark not thickened enough to shut out
cold air trapped between rings of years.

When that one last blow toppled
our newly rebuilt canopy many stories

high, leaves streaming to brittled ground
like corsages unpinned and thrown

down on one more spring's eve, you and I,
we stood in place just long enough

not yielding, not resisting.

© 2013 Maureen E. Doallas


Lorna Cahall said...

Fine poem. I love the tree analogy and the steady movement throughout.

Brian Miller said...

great line break at stories...had to go back and read it fluidly as well...ha...the leaves as corsages is an inspired image as well maureen...

Steven Marty Grant said...

This piece really impressed me. I love the sparce wording and deep meaning of each line. A great example of a poem that will touch different readers in different ways.

Anonymous said...

It's funny what a breath of honest can do. Melding together of ideas. Liked the write. More show than tell x

emmett wheatfall said...

Let me use this seldom use superlative--fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Great analogy - so visual.