Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Wonder: Animated Paper

Note: I apologize that the video, as embedded originally in this post, had to be removed. Please go to this YouTube link, where you may watch the film. A one-minute sample also is available on YouTube.

Les Trois Inventeurs (The Three Inventors), a cut-paper animation, was created by Michel Ocelot in 1980. Even if you don't understand the French narration, you will be amazed at the artistry.

Ocelot is a producer, film director, screenwriter, storyboard artist, character designer, and composer. Formerly president of the International Animated Film Association, he was awarded the Legion d'honneur in 2009. His films include Princes and Princesses, Kirikou and the Sorceress, and Azur & Asmar.


Brief Biography (pdf)

Michel Ocelot on Tumblr

Interviews with Michel Ocelot at GhibliWorld and Milan Presse

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