Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Wonder: Kurtis Hough's 'Toyland'

The short Toyland (2012) from digital freelance artist, 3D animator, and filmmaker Kurtis Hough of Kh Studios in Oregon and The Ocean Floor is described as "a festive technicolor dreamland". Take a look; I think you'll agree! 

Find a few minutes to view at Hough's Website or on Vimeo some of Hough's other films and unique creations, including his 3D animation and motion graphics, photographs, and paintings. He's blessed with a creative spirit, a talent for the off-beat and experimental, and a playful engagement with the conceptual and the surreal.

Kurtis Hough on FaceBook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Etsy

My thanks to The Creators Project, where I first learned of Hough's work.

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Anonymous said...

oh! portland OREGON!
and a new page when i go to his web link! yea!