Thursday, August 29, 2013

'Fabulous Flags' of Haiti

It's a gift and a skill. . . that was taught to me in a dream.
~ Jean-Baptiste Jean Joseph, Haitian Artist

In this short but fine video, Haitian artist Jean-Baptiste Jean Joseph, known for his exquisite vodou flags embellished with beautiful beads, sequins, and pearls, gives a tour of his workshop and explains the spirit world the flags represent.

Fabulous Flags from HAND/EYE Video on Vimeo.

My thanks to Mosaic Art Now for the link to the video.

For a Fondation Cartier video about the artist, go here (the video is in French). Work by the artist, whose sense of color is refined, was shown in Fondation Cartier's 2012 exhibition "Histoires de Voir: Show & Tell" in Paris. Additional information about the artist is found in the article "Vodou Flags: Between the Terrestrial and the Spiritual".


Jean-Baptiste Jean Joseph at Galerie Monnin and Galerie Lakaye

"Sacred Symbols in Sequins: Vintage Haitian Vodou Flags", Exhibits USA Traveling Exhibitions

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Patrick Arthur Polk, Haitian Vodou Flags (University Press of Mississippi, 1998; Reprint 2010)

Haiti Art Cooperative

Haitian Vodou Flags

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