Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Muse Looks at 'Neurocomic'

. . . Comics really rely on the power 
of the imagination, the power of the brain.
~ Artist Matteo Farinella

In a fascinating collaboration to help lay audiences understand how the brain works neurochemically, comics artist Matteo Farinella worked with neuroscientist Hana Ros of University College London to produce Neurocomic, a graphic novel. They share in the 14:04-minute video below the challenges of creating drawings and text that are not only entertaining storytelling but also educational and scientifically correct. "It's been really difficult to know when we should go for more story and when we should go for more science. That's a compromise that we've had to make, because you just can't get all the science in that you want," says Ros; "so, we kind of have to think what's going to be more useful. . .  the story, because that's the primary aim."

Neurocomic will be released in the United Kingdom this September with a documentary about the collaboration. It is available for pre-order on Amazon.

My thanks to The Guardian, where I first learned of this project. This video also can be seen on YouTube.

Be sure to click over to Farinella's site to learn more about his other projects.

Neurocomic on Tumblr