Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Art of E-Platform QR8

Shahdad Bekhrad and Joobin Behrad, founders of artclvb and REORIENT, have launched QR8*, a global e-platform for art galleries and collectors. In addition to featuring galleries that have been invited to showcase their artists, QR8 allows select high-profile collectors to show and sell privately to targeted audiences worldwide. 

Currently, six galleries, all of which represent contemporary artists from the Middle East, are on the site: Alaan Artspace (Saudi Arabia), Albareh Art Gallery (Bahrain), Art Circle Gallery (Lebanon), Lahd Gallery (United Kingdom/United States), Moroccan Fine Art (United Kingdom), and Sana Gallery (Singapore). Each has a fully functioning Website within QR8.

The represented artists come from Algeria, Bahrain,  Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Kingdom, United States, and Yemen. I was particularly taken with the artworks of Mustapha Amnaine, Noureddine Chater, Larbi Cherkaoui, Haleh Jamali, Rania Moudarres Silva, and especially Suhair Sibai.

All of the artwork may be purchased through the QR8 site, which may be browsed by artist, works, and galleries or private collections. Search results provide such information as gallery and collection, size, date, artist name, and price (typically obtained via an easily placed request).

* Pronounced "Curate".

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