Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spoonful (Poem)


It started with not eating,
smooth fingers, like scales,

balancing the biggest spoon
Tilt and tip. Tilt and tip. —

but like all your beginnings,
never ended. Never finishing

is an answer, I'll grant you.
You stop, holding curved end

your way, your eyes wide
and all mischief. You might

show off that blueberry
in your mouth — that would

be justice — a quick bite,
a burst, a laugh. You might.

I care when you take me in
hand, point a slender thumb,

declare, No surprises.
Everything is there.

© 2013 Maureen E. Doallas


Björn said...

This really got me thinking... love that blueberry... I can see that... a tender yet something more....

Mystic_Mom said...

Like this Maureen. Very cool write.

Beachanny said...

Very clever, sexy, romantic. A lot "between the lines" here. Always enjoy your work.

Mike Sutcliffe (Poetryman) said...

Indeed there is an awful lot more going on between the lines ~ a playful and fun poem

Anonymous said...

I read something different, darker:

- the opening line - "it started without eating"

then the mention of scales in the 2nd line, then the 2nd to last stanza - "I care when you take me in"

a sense of being taken in, of being deceived?

~ M