Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Danish Potter Anne Mette Hjortshoj

[T]he fundamental magic occurs at the moment when wood,
fire, salt and ashes combine with the clay to change shape
and surface. The image of perfection disappears—
the piece obtains its identity. . . .
~ Anne Mete Hjortshoj

Below is a lovely documentary about the talented Danish ceramist and potter Anne Mette Hjortshoj, who studied with Phil Rogers, a Welsh potter. In the film, which shows us the potter's workspace and where she sources her clay, Hjortshoj explains how she learned her vocation and introduces some of the artists who inspired and mentored her.

The Goldmark Art Gallery in the United Kingdom, specializing in 20th Century contemporary art and ceramics, carries Hjortshoj's work, including lidded jars, slab bottles, teapots, tea bowls, and mugs, dishes of varying shapes and sizes, and jugs. Not only is her pottery beautiful to look at; it also is functional.

The documentary is available as a DVD.

My thanks to 50 Women: A Celebration of Women's Contribution to Ceramics for the link to the video.

Anne Mette Hjortshoj on FaceBook

Goldmark Gallery on FaceBook

Another video on Vimeo is "Oval Teapots by Anne Mette Hjortshoj". In addition, Goldmark Gallery's "Anne Mette Hjortshoj '2012 Pottery Exhibition Invitation'" is available to watch on YouTube. Both are worth viewing to learn more about Hjortshoj's forms, glazes, and techniques.

The potter's salt-glazed porcelains and stoneware also can be seen at Oakwood Ceramics (UK) and Sylvester Fine Art (UK). She has exhibited in Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Hjortshoj was the subject of a Studio Visit feature in Ceramics Monthly in February 2013. 

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