Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday Short

Below is the trailer for the inspirational verite documentary Daughters of the Forest (Red Hill Productions), about a group of girls in Paraguay who learn from their school, Mbaracayu Forest Girls' School, how to protect their remote and threatened old-growth forest and create a better future for themselves. Filmws over the course of five years, the story is set in Mbaracayu Reserve, one of 250 UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.

The film was directed by Samantha Grant, produced by Carl Byker, and edited by John Kane

DAUGHTERS of the FOREST - Official Trailer from Samantha Grant / GUSHproductions on Vimeo

Daughters of the Forest on FaceBook

Mbaracayu Forest Girls' School at Edinburgh Research InstituteGlobal Giving, JustGivingLAB

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