Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Muse: Writers' Apps

Whether you're an established writer or an aspiring author, you needn't restrict your tools of the trade to the traditional pen and paper. Below is a selection of apps, some designed especially for writers, including short story writers, novelists, poets, script writers, even freelancers, who don't mind venturing into technological waters. 

✦ You've heard of mind-mapping? There's an app for that: MindNode, which you can use to keep your plots and characters straight. The more ideas you have to jot down, the larger your virtual canvas can become. And don't worry about tracking relationships; this tool allows you to cross-connect. The app's available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, plus Apple Watch.

Story Tracker, available for Mac and PC, is an organizational tool that lets you track your submissions (they need not be limited to stories or articles), check submission statuses, see total income earned for any poem, story, or article, store details (e.g., word counts) and guidelines for the markets to which you submit, view your submission history, and much more. See a preview in iTunes.

Story Tracker on FaceBook

✦ If you use the inexpensive WordBook, a combination English dictionary and thesaurus from TranCreative Software, you'll have no excuse for incorrect usage, origin, or spelling. The app, which uses human voice pronunciations, is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, and Apple Watch. See the iTunes preview.

✦ With GoodReader®, organizing, reading, editing, annotating, and even signing manuscripts converted to pdfs are possible on the go. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and promoted as a tool for teachers, among others, the app will even turn pages for you—a bonus for musicians trying to follow page after page of sheet music. View the app in iTunes.

GoodReader on FaceBook

✦ Designed for iPhone and iPad, Writer's Studio from miSoft facilitates the layout of your ebook's text, art, and graphics to which you may add narration or other sound, then share your work via YouTube, email .mov or pdf, or save to Photo Roll and display on Apple TV. See the iTunes preview.

✦ Dubbed "a keyboard with imagination", the "predictive" Creative Writer is, well, for writers who need a little creative help with their sentences, verses, or rhymes. The app's designers at Resonanca IT claim it has "hundreds of uses", from story- and poetry writing, to speech writing, to recipe writing, when you're trying to compose a little something that needs to go beyond your every-day vocabulary. The app, which recently was released for iPad and iPhone, offers context-sensitive, interactively generated sentences for your consideration. Below is a demonstration of how the app works, depending on your choice of desired vocabulary. View the app in iTunes.

Also see the Talking Robot demo.

Creative Writer on FaceBook

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