Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Emily Dickinson, The Documentary

The production company Hurricane Films is behind plans to make a documentary about the life of poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). To bring the project to fruition, the filmmakers are counting on their Kickstarter campaign, the goal of which is $100,000 (the campaign runs through August 28).

According to the information at Kickstarter, Hurricane Films already has produced the narrative feature-length film, A Quiet Passion, directed by Terence Davies on location in Amherst, Massachusetts, and starring Cynthia Nixon as Dickinson. It is slated to be completed sometime next year. 

The proposed documentary, Phosphorescence: A Documentary About the Life of Emily Dickinson, to be narrated by Nixon, is to be a companion to A Quiet Passion

A digital anthology of poems featured in the latter are among the "custom curated perks" available to the Kickstarter project's backers. Some other items being offered to donors are a digital download of the documentary, a set of greeting cards featuring Dickinson's words, a paperback copy of Emily Dickinson (Everyman's Poetry), edited by Helen McNeil and signed by director Davies, an acorn from the white oak tree at Dickinson's home in Amherst, a set of props, a custom-made dress from the set, a copy of the shooting script, and an invitation to attend the documentary's premiere. The "rewards" are for  pledges as low as $5.00 and as much as $10,000.

Additional information about the project, a description of the perks, and 4:10-minute trailer for the Phosphorescence project are available at Kickstarter.


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