Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lucien Stryk's 'Memo to the Builder' & 'You Must Change Your Life'

Today's video features work by the late poet and translator Lucien Stryk (1924-2013): "Memo to the Builder" and "You Must Change Your Life". The first is read by Suzanne Stryk and the second by the poet. 

Both poems can be found in And Still Birds Sing: New and Collected Poems (Swallow/Ohio University Press, 1998). The text also is at Red Eft Editions' Poetry and Painting blog.

The paintings in the video are by Suzanne Stryk, Lucien Stryk's daughter-in-law. Suzanne's work was featured in my Artist Watch column at Escape Into Life on January 21, 2016.

My thanks to Red Eft Editions, curated by Dan and Suzanne Stryk. Dan Stryk is himself a poet who has published more than a half-dozen collections, most recently Dimming Radiance: Poems and Prose Parables (Wind Publications, 2008) and Solace of the Aging Mare (Mid-America Press, 2008). His poems have appeared in numerous literary periodicals, including AGNI Online, Antioch Review, AscentThe Cafe ReviewHarvard Review Online, The Missouri ReviewNew England ReviewOxford AmericanPloughshares, Poetry, Shenandoah, and Terrain.

Dan's and Suzanne's lovely collaborations as well as guest features are posted to their blog.

Lucien Stryk at Connotation Press, Northern Illinois University, Poetry FoundationWikipedia (See the feature on Lucien Stryrk on Poetry Poetry; audio is included.)

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