Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bey of Revenge (Poem)

Bey of Revenge

So much depends

good hair—

whose it is, where.
There is

nothing hidden
that won't

be revealed. Bey's

chat's no cheater's
fare. Lie

enough, break her
heart. Bey's

hive swarms and stings
and smarts.

2016 © Maureen E. Doallas

I wrote this in response to a fun prompt, "Celebrity Pillows", at TweetSpeak Poetry, where it was shared in the comments. It is included in "Top 10 Pillow Poems".

The opening stanza comes from William Carlos Williams's famous poem "The Red Wheelbarrow".

Bey is, of course, Beyonce. The poem references words ("good hair") from the singer's latest album Lemonade, lyrics from which address her husband's infidelity with "Becky" ("Becky with good hair), aka Rachel Roy, a fashion designer. On the album's release, the Twitterverse, aka the Beyhive, left its stingers in the wrong woman, celebrity cook Rachael Ray. 

The statement "There is//nothing hidden/that won't//be revealed." is from the Bible: Luke 8:17. (That is intended to fill the word bubble on the pillow bearing Beyonce's face.)

I've used internal rhyme and lines limited to four and two syllables.

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