Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Short

Today's short is about Kirsty Mitchell's The Wonderland Book (Genesis). A friend sent me the link to the video, which already has been shared by more than 1.5 million viewers. Mitchell, who deservedly describes herself as "an artist with a camera" rather than a photographer, has published three editions of Wonderland: a standard edition (3,700 copies, sold out); a limited edition, signed and numbered (250 copies); and a collector's edition (25 copies). Each of the editions is described at the link above. The book is lavish and astonishing. Its designer is Stuart Smith.

Mitchell has been deluged with requests for a second edition. 

Mitchell spent more than six years making the book, which is a gorgeous homage to her mother. 

Kirsty Mitchell on FaceBook


Unknown said...

Stunning. Thank you for sharing this.
-Bethany R.

Tour Guide said...

The great power of art!
I am glad.
It causes an explosion of emotions.
It awakens higher feelings.

Thanks for the idea!