Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday's Three on Art

Thursday's Three presents a trio of videos showing artist Stefan Pabst at work. 

According to his bio at Artist, Pabst began drawing at age 5. It's not difficult to understand the level of success his skill has brought him, when you look at his portfolio. A full-time painter, Pabst is known for creating paintings that appear to be 3-dimensional.

Pabst was born in Russia and lives in Hamburg, Germany.

✭ In this video, Pabst speed-draws a portrait of Nelson Mandela

✭ In this next video,  Pabst demonstrates a 3D drawing of a glass of water.

✭ Finally, Pabst speed-paints an eye using his oil dry-brush (photorealistic) technique.

You'll find videos, including tutorials, at Portrait Painter Pabst on YouTube.

Stefan Pabst on FaceBook, Instagram, and Tumblr

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