Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday Muse: BOA Editions's 40th Year

It is really hard to be lonely very long in a world of words.
~ Naomi Shihab Nye

Indie publisher BOA Editions Ltd. is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. In April, at AWP 2016, in Los Angeles, California, BOA premiered a short promotional film about poetry and its meaning to those who write it and read it. The short, made by Steve Fisher of Fisher Media, also includes a group of BOA's authors, who talk about their relationship with the publisher.

As part of its anniversary events, the press published a limited-edition chapbook, The Word from His Song*, by Li-Young Lee.

BOA publishes poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and translations.

AWP Conference & Bookfair (Next year, February 8-11, 2017, AWP brings its conference to Washington, D.C.)

BOA Editions on FaceBook and Twitter

* Sold exclusively through BOA's Bookstore until edition is exhausted.

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