Tuesday, August 16, 2016

'Creased Map of the Underworld', a Motionpoem

The following Motionpoems film by Thomas Bryan Michurski is a beautiful visual interpretation of Kim Addonizio's remarkable poem "Creased Map of the Underworld". The poem is in Addonizio's collection My Black Angel: Blues Poems & Portraits (Stephen F. Austin University Press, 2014); it first appeared in The Plume Anthology of Poetry 2013 (MadHat Press), edited by Daniel Lawless.

The film's narration is by Jan Pettit; its cinematography is by David Schnack. The music is Overland, performed by Moby. Annabel Hess is the actress. Motionpoems released the film as part of its lineup for season 6, which was produced in partnership with VIDA: Women in Literary Arts and featured female poets' work exclusively.

Read Carrie Ann Golden's interview, "'I Replaced Spring With Death'", with the poet and filmmaker.

Text of the Poem

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