Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday Artist: Kelly Magleby

Combining love of the Southwest desert and interest in primitive and survival skills with a fascination with Anasazi Indian culture has led Kelly Magleby of Orem, Utah, to hand-make pottery that replicates the ancient process the Anasazi themselves used. The multi-step process, she writes on her Website, has been a challenge to get right, so that the pottery has both an authentic look and feel to it. In addition to "wild gathering" the clay and other materials she uses, Magleby hand-paints her work with home-made bee plant paint and fires her pieces in a wood-fueled Anasazi-style trench kiln. 

Below is Earth and Fire: Anasazi Style Pottery (Solpin Films), which documents Magleby's effort to learn about Anasazi pottery by following Anasazi techniques. The short is by freelance filmmaker Steve Olpin and was made in southern Utah's backcounty, along the Escalante River. It was funded by Primitive Found.

Magelby features her replicas, which are in the "black on white" style, at Anasazi Pottery. She accepts commissions. In addition, she teaches classes locally and at primitive living skills workshops and conferences. Her Website features a selection of Anasazi-related links.

Steve Olpin's The Talking Fly Vlog on YouTube

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