Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday's Three on Art

Today, Thursday's Three offers a trio of art-related videos of varying length.

Richard Tuttle talks about his career and concepts, themes, and styles that can be found throughout his 26 New York exhibitions. He was interviewed at Pace Gallery

Some notable quotes: "Art's importance comes when it's a tool for life, when it makes life more available for us." "I'm very committed to the idea of making an art that stays contemporary." "The actual artwork is a combination of the kinds of things that only happen once and the kinds of things that happen always."

(My thanks to Art21 for the link.)

✦ South Africa's William Kentridge reflects on his life and relationship with art.

Some notable quotes: "One can always write one's biography in the terms of the failures which have saved you." "Artists are always incomplete. If you are a complete person, there is no need to spend your life making objects for other people to look at. There is an uncertainty of existence, I am sure."

(My thanks to Louisiana Channel for the link.)

Matthew Shlian, a paper artist and research scholar who lectures in art and design at the University of Michigan, uses paper engineering to understand nanostructures. Earlier this month, he gave an artist talk at the University of New Mexico as part of a fall seminar series at UNM's Technology Transfer and Economic Development Office. (The artist talk below is not the UNM talk.)

See Shlian's sculptures and drawings and prints at his Website.

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