Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holiday Poems from Seasons Past

On  this, the first day of winter, it seems appropriate to share some holiday poems and a Dear Santa letter that have appeared on this blog in seasons past. Name your favorite holiday poems or share your own in the comments section.

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Thomas Nast Santa Claus Illustration

What Are You Doing
New Year's Eve, Up on the House
Top, Santa Baby?

Holiday Haiku 2014

Christmas Day Haiku 2013

Holiday Haiku 2012

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Dear Santa,

The Night Before Christmas probably is too late to be e-mailing but in our Little Town of Bethlehem, We Three Kinds of Orient Are the only postal service open late, and they refuse to guarantee even this Little Drummer Boy that his letter will reach you before NORAD begins tracking your every move.
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Geertgen tot Sint Jans, Nativity by Night

I her namesake wait,
the one
in solemn darkness
broken in threads of light
borne of tiny pillars of white
held up and out and all around me,
expectant, pegging the midnight hour
to the last drop of wax
soft as my heart is, opening.
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* * * 

Wind-chafed hands      gnarled not
in tinseled wool      hold-
outs on a sidewalk flecked silver
as the moon rimmed with the sun's halo
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* * *

and I'll come

to merry make

a midnight story

before roaring fire

hearts cold kept

voices louder grow

this evening Christmas
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* * *

I have of you
a heavy red and blue fringed blanket
brought from Arizona,
that deep-dish casserole from France,
and the last hug after the last ride with you
down a Venice boulevard.
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