Friday, May 15, 2020

Artists and Poets Respond to the Pandemic (12)

Today's spotlights, drawn from the online exhibition "Artists and Poets Respond to the Pandemic," are on artist Joyce Wycoff and poet Diane Walker. Joyce's artwork was inspired by the word "Remembrance"; Diane's poem was inspired by the word "Compassion".

We hold in our hearts a prayer
For all who walk alone; for all the vulnerable;
For all the church doors, once open, now closed;
For those who've died, and for all the ones who loved them;[. . .]

Joyce Wycoff, "Remembrance of Time Past," 2020
Digital Image Print on Metal
12" x 12"

Listen to Diane reading her poem.

Read Diane's poem.


Joyce Wycoff is a digital artist, photographer, writer, active blogger, and avid maker of personal photo books. She recently completed a five-year plan at an age when most people do not buy green bananas. After days of contemplation and construction, she came up with four words: Live life in delight. Joyce lives in Reno, Nevada, an art-filled place that calls itself "Quirky by Choice."

Joyce also is represented in the exhibition by her digital artwork "Cycle of Life," also printed on metal.

Diane Walker is a poet, artist, photographer, and actor. She pairs her writing and spiritual practice with her art to produce a daily blog of meditations, poetry, photographs, and paintings.

St. Michael's Episcopal Church (Arlington, Va.), which supports the arts ministry I lead, is hosting the complete multi-part online exhibition. On the church's new Instagram page, you'll find images of the artwork, which are augmented daily. Websites, blog sites, and other information about all the participating artists and poets can be found at "Artists' Biographical Information" and "Poets' Biographical Information," respectively. Some artworks, including Joyce's, are available to purchase; see "Purchase List of Artworks."

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